Newswire: Leonardo DiCaprio gave Adrian Grenier $50,000 to help his whale bro

For more than a month now, former Aquaman Adrian Grenier has once again trained his searching eyes on the ocean, the palatial beachfront home to all his sea-bros. And much as he once watched out for Jerry Ferrara in the early seasons of Entourage, Grenier has a soft spot in the heart area of his V-neck for another large, unloved creature—the world’s loneliest whale—whom he hopes to put in a movie, like you do for your friends. Now Grenier has received some last-minute help from Leonardo DiCaprio, his sea-bro on land.

Responding to the sound of Grenier’s frantic splashing, DiCaprio came through in the Kickstarter’s waning hours to pledge $50,000 to 52: The Search For The Loneliest Whale, a Grenier-produced documentary that will attempt to find the “52 Hertz Whale.” More than just Nags Head, North Carolina’s favorite alternative-rock band (mostly covers, few …

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