Newswire: Leonardo DiCaprio executive producing ’80s Mafia series for Showtime

Presumably as part of a friendly competition with his friend Martin Scorsese to see who can go through a ton of fake cocaine the fastest, Variety reports that Leonardo DiCaprio will be executive producing a new Showtime series about the Mafia in the ’80s. The as-yet-untitled series is being written by Mad Men and Ray Donovan writer Brett Johnson, and will reportedly focus on the “decade-long relationship between an unstable mafia captain and a rogue federal agent,” each of whom ends up in trouble with their respective cabals due to their unstable rogue-ness. There’s no word yet on whether DiCaprio will cameo as a Jordan Belfort-esque underworld figure who hosts a drug-fueled orgy aboard his multimillion-dollar yacht, mostly because we made that whole scenario up just now. That would be cool, though.

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