Newswire: Leonard Cohen says he’s “ready to die”

Light and breezy wordplay has never been a hallmark of Leonard Cohen’s work, so it probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that the 82-year-old poet-musician maintains a healthy relationship with his own mortality. Despite the fact that his 14th studio album is set to drop later this month, Cohen’s failing health is likely to keep him from touring in support of it. And, as is evidenced in a recent New Yorker profile, he seems at peace with wrapping up both his career and his life.

“As I approach the end of my life, I have even less and less interest in examining what have got to be very superficial evaluations or opinions about the significance of one’s life or one’s work,” he explained. “I was never given to it when I was healthy, and I am less given to it …

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