Newswire: Lena Dunham is concerned about her abortion street cred

To hear some of our more under-informed friends from Real America tell it, if you don’t have an abortion punchcard from Planned Parenthood, then you’re not allowed to be a feminist. All that rhetoric about valuing women’s right to make choices about their bodies is just a smoke screen, and when you get down to it, the cool girls with septum piercings and Rosie the Riveter tattoos won’t let you brunch with them unless you have an abortion story to go along with your bottomless Bellinis.

This is, of course, bullshit. There’s no minimum abortion requirement to be a feminist, and having an abortion does not bestow one with feminist street cred. It’s a personal decision, and you’re not obligated to tell anyone about that decision either way. Controversial soundbite expert Lena Dunham isn’t completely sold on this point, though, and has …

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