Newswire: Lego Ninjago Movie cast includes Fred Armisen, Jackie Chan, and Dave Franco

The Ninjago line is one of Lego’s most popular brands, a fact that’s especially surprising given that it actually appeals more to real kids than the kids-at-heart who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on some of the more ridiculous Star Wars Lego sets. There have been Ninjago video games, comics, board games, spin-off toys that don’t technically use Lego bricks but still carry the Lego name, and a long-running TV show centered around characters who appear in the physical Lego sets. Now, there’s going to be a proper Ninjago movie that will adapt that same “storyline” (i.e. toys) as the cartoon, and Lego fansite Brickset has uncovered the film’s primary voice cast.

According to some kind of licensing-related flyer, Jackie Chan will be playing the Ninjago leader, Master Wu, with Dave Franco, Michael Peña, Abbi Jacobson, Kumail Nanjiani, Zach Woods, and Fred …

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