Newswire: Lee Daniels wants Mariah Carey to join his Empire

Mariah Carey got a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame star Wednesday, and she got a bit of a bonus at the ceremony. The Associated Press reports that Lee Daniels—director of all things Lee Daniels, who sits atop an Empire—suggested that the singer-actress would soon be seen on his Fox show. While introducing Carey at the ceremony, Daniels told the crowd to “Watch her on Empire, you guys. She’s coming on Empire.” Carey didn’t really accept or decline the invitation, but she could have just been distracted by the prestigious award she received that day.

Daniels directed Carey in supporting roles in Precious and Lee Daniels’ The Butler, so it’s not all that surprising that he’d want to work with her again. He didn’t offer any information on what part Carey would play his the show, though—could she be a new …

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