Newswire: Least surprising casting news of the year: Sean Gunn joins The Belko Experiment

It seems nearly every day brings us word of yet another actor signing on to James Gunn’s upcoming horror film The Belko Experiment. It was fairly unsurprising when Michael Rooker joined the cast, given his participation in most of Gunn’s recent films. And now comes the most unsurprising casting news possible: Variety reports Sean Gunn has signed on as well.

Perhaps the news is wholly expected by virtue of the fact that Sean Gunn has appeared in essentially every single thing the writer-director has ever done, including his goofy web series PG Porn. Or maybe it’s not quite a shock because Sean and James Gunn are brothers. We’ll let you decide which factoid makes the casting news more predictable. Regardless, [Sean] Gunn is set to play Marty Espenscheid, a “stoner cafeteria worker who has his own ideas about who is behind Belko.” The film’s plot …

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