Newswire: Learn about cool space stuff with NASA’s new Amazon Fire app

Since Donald Trump is going to wring every penny he can out of this country to line his pockets—err, pay for his stupid wall—it seems safe to assume that NASA isn’t going to have the budget to do a lot of cool stuff that doesn’t involve building military satellites or developing a tinfoil hat that can protect someone from microwave surveillance for the foreseeable future. To remind us of better times, then, the organization has started pushing its dedicated NASA app that allows space fans to learn about the cool stuff it has done in the past and keep up with the cool stuff it’s going to do in the future. This comes from a press release, which says the app includes “live-streaming NASA Television,” a “real-time view of Earth from the International Space Station,” more than 16,000 images, and more than 14,000 …

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