Newswire: Leah Remini is developing a TV show about Scientology

It looks like Leah Remini is ready to incur (some more of) the wrath of the Church Of Scientology—the King Of Queens star is reportedly developing a show about the organization and its disconnection policy. Although Remini was raised a Scientologist, she broke free of the group’s thrall in 2013, then published an “irresistibly gossipy takedown” of the religion in 2015. But it seems Remini is not done taking the church to task, because she’s now working on a TV show about how the disconnection policy tears families apart.

According to the Underground Bunker, your source for all things anti-Scientology, Remini’s show is one of two projects that aims to reveal the damage that the church’s shunning practice does to families. “Disconnection” forces church members to sever all ties with anyone considered “antagonistic” or “suppressive” towards the religion, which is only one of the reasons …

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