Newswire: Léa Seydoux set to fire plasma blasts as Bella Donna in the Gambit movie

After an intensely bitter struggle probably comprised of everyone agreeably taking different extremely lucrative jobs on various Hollywood productions then hitting up an early lunch at Melisse, the process of finding the female lead in Fox’s upcoming Gambit movie is over. Deadline reports that Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation‘s Léa Seydoux has landed the role of Bella Donna Boudreaux, co-starring opposite sentient backwards baseball cap Channing Tatum in Fox’s upcoming X-Men spinoff.

As we previously reported, Abbey Lee and Rebecca Ferguson had also been in contention for the role of Bella Donna. However, Ferguson dropped out of the running to take the lead in the film adaptation of The Girl On The Train, leaving Seydoux to claim the role for herself. (Possibly by murdering Lee, who knows.) The character—essentially Gambit’s female counterpart—can astral project in addition to firing plasma blasts, the former probably being a …

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