Newswire: Le Tigre picks sides in its new single, “I’m With Her”

If you had pulled aside your average Le Tigre fan at a queer dance party in 2002 and told them that, 15 years from now, Kathleen, Johanna, and JD would be endorsing a political candidate who had backed the Iraq War, they’d call you an imperialist pig and tell you to fuck off. But, on the other hand, if you told that same hypothetical collegiate partygoer that Le Tigre would be endorsing the first woman with a real shot at becoming the President of the United States, they’d probably give you a hug. A big, sweaty hug.

Thus is the complexity of the political world we live in today, and the context for Le Tigre’s new single, “I’m With Her.” The song proudly and explicitly endorses Hillary Rodham Clinton for president, touting her qualifications as a legal scholar and diplomat and taking shots at her pumpkin-faced …

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