Newswire: Lawrence Kasdan has plans for Lando Calrissian

George Lucas generally gets all the credit for making Star Wars, as well as for making Star Wars bad. But the original trilogy’s success owes just as much to producer Gary Kurtz and writer Lawrence Kasdan as it does the bearded one. Now Vanity Fair‘s website features an interview with Kasdan in which they talk about his career as a director, working with George Lucas, and his work on the upcoming The Force Awakens.

Kasdan was hired by George Lucas to write The Empire Strikes Back after original screenwriter Leigh Bracket turned in a draft that Lucas felt was unsatisfactory; Empire went on to become Kasdan’s first produced screenplay and is generally held up as the best of the Star Wars films by fans and critics alike. Kasdan went on to write Return Of The Jedi, and even had a hand in the Star Wars: Shadows Of …

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