Newswire: Law & Order: SVU’s Donald Trump episode has been bumped into next year

Back in October, NBC announced that Law & Order: SVU would be doing a classic ripped-from-the-headlines story inspired by the many sexual assault allegations directed at Donald Trump. A few days later, NBC pushed the episode from October 26 to an unspecified date after the election, though the network refused to specifically say why it had made the change at the time. Now, Deadline is reporting that the episode—titled “Unstoppable”—has been bumped again, with NBC pushing it all the way into 2017.

The timing of this may seem rather unusual, given the thing that happened this week and NBC’s fairly close relationship with Donald Trump, but Deadline claims that the decision was actually made several days ago. Apparently, it was all because of a domino effect caused by the initial delay and the World Series going to game seven on Fox, which caused NBC to air repeats …

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