Newswire: Lauren Graham also forgot about Gilmore Girls season seven

Lauren Graham is one of the people—she too has chosen to exercise selective memory when it comes to the seventh season of Gilmore Girls. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino wasn’t around for the last network season of the series, and the Netflix revival is seen as a corrective to its sins. Graham told Entertainment Weekly that she straight up forgot that Lorelai married Rory’s father Christopher at one point. (It didn’t work out.) This brain fart came into play when shooting A Year In The Life. “When we came back to do [the revival], I say something about having been married or somebody says it to me, and I was like, ‘I was never married.’ I forgot,” Graham told the publication. “They had to get one of the super-fan assistants to get on the phone with me to remind me. She had to tell me the whole thing …

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