Newswire: Last week’s episode on The A.V. Club TV show was all about food trends

Last week’s episode of The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti was all about food trends. What are food trends, and what makes some foods trendier than others? Why can’t, say, oatmeal be trendy? Well first off, it is, and secondly, what I’ve learned by making this episode, is that food trends, like their fashion brethren, come and go by the will of the tides. That’s right! It’s the moon cycles that determined why we’re all eating purple food right now. Come another major eclipse you’re going to be embarrassed by all those turmeric shots you’ve been downing. But then again, you probably won’t! You’ll be a toxin-free individual by that point and won’t register regret as an emotion. I congratulate you.

I am not a trendy eater myself. This is evidenced by all the food I have …

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