Newswire: Lana Del Rey’s new video is like a tourism ad for weird California cults

On an initial viewing, this video for Lana Del Rey’s “Freak” might seem like the usual sort of dream-like nonsense that she tends to go for. But it’s not hard to see that there might be something else going on here: For one thing, the video features Father John Misty giving off a powerful Charles Manson cult leader vibe with his thick beard and hippie Jesus hair (not to mention all of the girls fawning over him). Then there’s Lana Del Rey herself pouring a Kool-Aid-like beverage all over her face, which seems like a pretty literal Jonestown reference (even though it wasn’t really Kool-Aid that they drank). After that, Del Rey and Father John Misty dance together in the clouds (heaven?) and then some girls float underwater for a while (also heaven?).

Metaphors aside, this video really ends with more than five minutes of girls …

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