Newswire: Lana Del Rey’s new album is coming in September

There’s not much more you can do with a career in music once James Franco writes a book about you, but as Lana Del Rey isn’t already dead, she might as well keep putting out albums. Her third and latest, Honeymoon, now has a release date after Del Rey cryptically announced the news on Instagram:

Of course, as this is merely a photo of herself on a billboard that sits above a diner, it’s entirely possible she’s just announcing her plans to eat at Mel’s on a particular Friday in September. For many, that announcement might actually spark the same level of (dis)interest as an album release date—although her second album, Ultraviolence, reached No. 1 on the charts, it wasn’t incredibly well received by critics.

Regardless, whatever she’s doing seems to be working well enough for the mainstream music fans of …

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