Newswire: Lady Gaga to perform David Bowie homage at the Grammys

David Bowie is one of the most iconic figures in pop-music history, so it’s natural that the Grammy Awards would want to find a way to honor him in light of his recent death. To do this, they’ve enlisted the help of Lady Gaga, who has some Bowie-like experience thanks to the many transformations she’s undergone over the course of her career. (After all, she did go all the way from “singer who wears a meat dress” to “Golden Globe winner who sings duets with Tony Bennett.”)

Gaga was already scheduled to perform at the Grammys, but after Bowie’s death, the show’s executive producer, Ken Ehrlich, decided that she’d be the perfect person to stage some kind of tribute. This comes from The New York Times (via Variety), and Ehrlich adds that the performance will “not only make a great Grammy moment, but one …

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