Newswire: L.A. shop introduces black ice cream, for goths with a sweet tooth

Being goth isn’t all worshipping Satan and looking up how to get candle wax out of cat fur on Google. Even the terminally morbid enjoy a sweet treat now and again, and even the most dedicated child of darkness can’t survive on expired Halloween candy alone. Enter downtown L.A.’s Little Damage ice cream shop, whose dark gray Almond Charcoal soft serve and black charcoal-infused waffle cones have made the shop a social-media sensation.

According to Danielle Salmon of the restaurant review site Follow My Gut, the ice cream itself leads with sweet almond, with the “dark, deep” charcoal flavor serving to give the soft serve extra depth. Same for the cones, which taste like chocolate with an undertone of charcoal. The shop has colorful toppings such as rainbow sprinkles and fruity pebbles for your morose cone, if you’re feeling more pastel goth that day; it …

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