Newswire: Kurt Sutter is definitely working on a Sons Of Anarchy spin-off

Entertainment Weekly reports that Sons Of Anarchy has officially spawned a spin-off: Creator Kurt Sutter has confirmed that he’s working on a prequel or sequel to his hugely popular FX show. There isn’t much info available about the project, but Sutter has reportedly said the show will focus on a different Northern California motorcycle club, which is potentially bad news for everyone who wanted to see Tig (Kim Coates) and Venus Van Dam (Walton Goggins) running things.

According to EW, Sutter hinted at a possible SOA prequel while at Comic-Con last month, which is something he seems to enjoy doing at every Comic-Con. When he brought up the prequel back in 2012, he suggested it would be a “more political and socially historical kind of show.” But that’s an itch he’s likely scratched with The Bastard Executioner, which certainly looks like it’s steeped in history …

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