Newswire: Kurt Russell and James Cameron write tributes to Bill Paxton

Bill Paxton died from complications during surgery on Sunday, and now The Hollywood Reporter has shared a few brief, touching remembrances from some of the people who knew Paxton. First is Kurt Russell, who co-starred with him in the 1993 film Tombstone. In his post, Russell says “you won’t find anybody who didn’t like Bill Paxton,” noting that he never made things “about him or his problems,” choosing instead to focus on solving other people’s problems and working to help make scenes better. He also says Paxton was a “sneaky-good actor” and was “very subtle and effective” because of that.

Twister director Jan De Bont remembers that Paxton “loved the physical part of acting.” He says Paxton did his own stunts on Twister because “he would not let anyone that away from him,” and he tells a story about one scene in the film that required Paxton …

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