Newswire: Kurt Cobain’s shitty L.A. apartment is now a nice Airbnb

In recent years, there’s been a flood of unique opportunities to demonstrate your love of Kurt Cobain that he would have absolutely hated, including the chance to buy his boyhood home, his expired credit card, and the benches that were kind of, sort of in the vicinity when he died. But for those who only want to ghoulishly inhabit the void he left behind for a weekend or so, now you can rent out his old L.A. apartment on Airbnb.

As reported by Vulture, the one-bedroom/one-bath in the Fairfax district is where Cobain and Courtney Love holed up for a little while in 1991 and 1992, escaping the growing mania surrounding Nevermind by just kicking back with some heroin and some paint. In fact, Nirvana biographer Charles R. Cross wrote that Cobain’s time on Spaulding Ave. “represented his greatest immersion in painting”—some of which found …

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