Newswire: Kumail Nanjiani will be on the new X-Files, proving that dreams do come true

For about a year, comedian Kumail Nanjiani has been hosting The X-Files Files, a podcast in which he and a guest go through each episode of Fox’s beloved supernatural mystery show and discuss it. By all accounts, then, Kumail is one of the internet’s foremost X-Files fans, so when Fox announced that Community‘s Joel McHale and Flight Of The Conchords‘ Rhys Darby—two people who are definitely not Kumail—would be part of its X-Files revival, the whole world wondered if Kumail would get the same honor. We don’t know if there were petitions for it or anything, but it seemed like one of those rare internet movements that we could all get behind.

Then, yesterday morning, Kumail tweeted this mysterious message, the meaning of which could only be uncovered by someone in the basement of the FBI’s headquarters with an “I Want To Believe …

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