Newswire: Kraftwerk’s man machine unplugged by Buenos Aires’ electronic music ban

Many of you may not be aware of this, but Kraftwerk is generally not known for their acoustic sets. Three out of four members of the seminal electronic music band play synthesizers, and the other guy plays a different kind of synthesizer. It’s kind of their thing. So, it’s slightly odd that the Argentine city of Buenos Aires allowed the efficient German quartet to sell off more than two-thirds of the available tickets to a scheduled November 23 show before informing them that it would be in violation of their new ban on electronic music, RA reports.

The sad story behind this weirdness is that back in April, five people died of drug overdoses at the Time Warp EDM festival show in Buenos Aires. Shortly afterward, the city government did the only reasonable thing and put an end to stop issuing permits for electronic music festivals. And apparently …

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