Newswire: Kong: Skull Island moves to Warner Bros., possibly to set up future Godzilla fight

As reported by Deadline, Legendary Pictures has decided to move its King Kong prequel/spinoff/reboot/curated basket of snacks Skull Island from Universal to Warner Bros. for distribution. But wait! Don’t go just yet, because this isn’t painfully dull insider garbage that nobody who isn’t in The Industry would ever care about. This move, at least according to Deadline, is all about laying the groundwork for an eventual all-star monster throw-down between King Kong and Godzilla—a rematch of their fight from the early ‘60s. Gareth Edwards’ 2014 Godzilla movie was also produced by Legendary Pictures, and it was distributed by Warner Bros., so the idea is apparently that the studios thought it would be “easier to have all the pieces under one roof” if they ever decided to combine them. (Which they will.) Plus, it sounds like the plan isn’t just to get all …

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