Newswire: Kit Harington loses his beard, fans lose their minds

[Here’s the requisite Game Of Thrones spoiler alert, in case you somehow haven’t watched or read anything about season five or six.]

If history has taught us anything, it’s that the internet doesn’t respond well to changes in Kit Harington’s grooming habits. When the actor debuted his newly-shorn locks in January 2015, a panic ensued as fans assumed that the change in style indicated a change in Game Of Thrones casting, presumably because they also thought that Harington hair could only be harvested once. These same fans found solace in the longer ‘do Harington showed off at Wimbledon last summer, just weeks after the season five finale broke their hearts. But now that the clippers have come out again, the Daily Mail reports that everyone’s hopping back on the “Jon, noooo!” wagon.

With season six of Game Of Thrones currently airing, Harington is treading …

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