Newswire: Kit Harington is not a fan of this Game Of Thrones theory

With the Game Of Thrones premiere now just four days away, everyone’s indulging in some speculation about what season seven will bring. Even the cast is weighing in, with Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, suggesting her character might not live through that very long night that’s coming. And now that the Starks/Snows are back in Winterfell, Kit Harington, who plays Turner’s onscreen half-brother Jon Snow, has also been looking ahead—all the way to the end of the series. As he explained on The Rich Eisen Show on Tuesday, Harington recently caught wind of a fan theory built around a very St. Elsewhere-like ending for the series. And he’s not a fan of it:

“It was all a dream” is truly the last refuge of the scoundrel TV writer, so we get why Harington shot down the notion that his direwolf, Ghost, conjured …

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