Newswire: Kirkman to restaurateurs: Drop Walking Dead

Things can get messy in the world of pop culture trademarks. Titles, symbols, and even references can, with the right paperwork, be claimed as the exclusive purview of a particular rights holder, leading to a continuous morass of lawsuits pouring out like viscera from a zombie’s midsection. But these claims can go either way, depending on the fickle tides of legal opinion. Taylor Swift can trademark “This Sick Beat”; Katy Perry is denied in her effort to do the same for “Left Shark.” It can be very confusing, and well-nigh arbitrary, the legal equivalent of somehow pulling yourself under a dumpster despite being literally surrounded by zombies clawing at you.

Which is why it’s not immediately clear who’s in the right in a new lawsuit brought by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, whose responsibilities kicking off an excellent new horror series apparently still allow him time …

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