Newswire: King Shark takes a bite out of the Teen Titans in this exclusive preview

It’s been a long time since DC had a compelling Teen Titans title, but the streak of mediocrity has finally been broken with DC Rebirth. Writer Benjamin Percy gave the title a strong sense of direction by bringing Damian “Robin” Wayne into the fold as the team’s new leader, and the opening arc pitting the new Titans against Ra’s Al Ghul and his own group of deadly teens balanced high emotional stakes with energetic superhero fun. The book has gotten lighter with the current story adding Jackson “Aqualad” Hyde to the cast, and the scripts are embracing a tone that combines the thrills of the Young Justice cartoon with the humor of Teen Titans Go! That’s a very good mix for a Teen Titans comic, and it’s helped give the series a more youthful perspective.

That perspective is reinforced by the art team, particularly penciler …

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