Newswire: Kim Jong Nam’s alleged assassin may have thought she was on a TV prank show

Earlier this week, Kim Jong Nam—son of the late Kim Jong Il, and half-brother to current North Korean leader Kim Jong Un—died suddenly in Malaysia, under suspicious circumstances. Several people have been arrested for potential involvement in Kim’s death, including two women who allegedly sprayed him with some kind of toxic liquid while he was in the Kuala Lumpur airport. Now, The Guardian reports on a possible motive for the two women’s attack: They thought they were on a TV prank show.

That’s per Indonesian national police chief Tito Karnavian, who said that 25-year-old Indonesian citizen Siti Aisyah had been told that she and another woman were being paid to play pranks on men as part of a show. The women were supposedly paid $100 to get men to close their eyes and then spray them with water; apparently, the last man was Kim, and …

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