Newswire: Killer Mike is opening a barbershop in the Atlanta Hawks’ arena

During the early days of the recent presidential election, when we were all so much younger and happier, Killer Mike had an extensive talk with once-and-future political savior Bernie Sanders at his Atlanta barbershop, The SWAG Shop. Now, Pitchfork is reporting that another SWAG Shop location is opening in the Atlanta’s newly renovated Philips Arena, home of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team, for anyone who needs to get a haircut and/or discuss current events with Bernie Sanders in the middle of a basketball game.

Of course, Bernie Sanders probably won’t be there all the time (if at all), but Pitchfork notes that Killer Mike’s SWAG Shops are actually more about helping people get jobs than they are about lovable, old socialists. In a statement, Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin said that the SWAG Shops are “so important” the city that the team wanted to make sure …

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