Newswire: Killer Mike doesn’t blame Kanye West for wanting to meet Trump

One of the stranger stories to emerge from the 2016 election results was Kanye West’s declaration that he would have voted for Donald Trump, had he voted at all. Back in November, the Life Of Pablo artist admitted he wasn’t familiar with Trump’s platform, but he praised the now-president’s inability to form complete sentences—which he called “futuristic”—that’s become the M.O. for his administration. The two men had a tête-à-tête at Trump Tower not long after West professed his admiration, which the rapper walked back when Trump rolled out his Muslim ban earlier this year.

West was criticized by even his most ardent fans, who couldn’t believe he’d willingly stand around in an elevator lobby with a man who doesn’t have a good track record with any group outside of his billionaire’s club, a.k.a, his cabinet. But …

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