Newswire: Kids’ Choice Awards announced, including new “Favorite EDM Artist” category

Wassup, all you dope fresh cool kids out there! You awkward uncle who self-identifies as the “cool” one, The A.V. Club, is here to rap at you about some jiggy-fresh news! See, Variety reports the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards were announced this morning. And it’s full of all the awesomest, most hippity-hoppity stuff from the past year! Captain America: Civil War got nominated for a bunch of stuff, which is hella cool! So did Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which, hey, you kids are the future, don’t let us old squares tell you what barely even holds together as a story, let alone an entire film! And Kevin Hart and Justin Timberlake lead the nominations of people are either actors, musicians, Instagram celebs, or some other form of totally rad popularity! Xbox One S!

But the crazy bitchin’ news isn’t even the usual roster of …

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