Newswire: Kid Rock announces tour, still plans to run for Senate

The news of Kid Rock’s potential Senate candidacy has raised several questions: Would he be sworn in under his stage name? How does his jobs agenda compare with current and three-time Michigan senator Debbie Stabenow’s? And finally, is he being fucking serious?

There was one more question, but it was posed by the would-be lawmaker: “Are you scared?” It’s not entirely clear if that’s his campaign slogan, or just a general query about Michiganders’ personal levels of security. But there were many who took the news with a grain of salt, since Rock’s announcement included the addition of a “Buy Now” page on the campaign site. It looked like he was promoting something, and not just democracy.

Well Rock, whose real name is Rob Ritchie, is has sort of cleared up matters—he posted a video that’s part Rock ‘n’ roll reverie, part tour …

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