Newswire: Kevin Smith hints at either Mallrats sequel or general existence of rats

Like a stoned, rambling dialogue crammed with nostalgic reference and scatological gross-outs, Kevin Smith’s pledge of “retirement” has so far wended its way around Clerks sequels and movies where men become walruses, never approaching an end point. And according to Smith, he’s already forgotten what he was talking about: He’s confirmed on Facebook that the invigorating infusion of cash and spite surrounding Tusk made him rethink his retirement plan—and also because “it really fucked with me when the Joker killed my sorta-girlfriend, Maggie Gyllenhaal.” Like Bruce Wayne, Kevin Smith must return to deliver us from a world without grown men playing with toys and talking about superheroes. Hence, a possible sequel to Mallrats.

The suggestion that Smith might make a follow-up to 1995’s critically derided commercial flop—which, like many of Smith’s movies, still accrued a devoted fan base—came at the end of …

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