Newswire: Kesha to play Kesha-like character on Jane The Virgin

Earlier this month, we learned that Britney Spears would play Britney Spears in an upcoming episode of Jane The Virgin. Not to be outdone by her blond pop-star predecessor, Kesha has also secured a guest-starring role on the CW dramedy: Entertainment Weekly reports the singer has been cast as the rocker next door. Kesha will play Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) new neighbor Annabelle, a “colorful musician” who’s described as “not a baby person.”

We’ll admit we initially read this as “not a baby-person,” and concluded that this was the role the 28-year-old singer was born to play (though not at infancy). But E! has helpfully clarified that Annabelle is just someone who “isn’t a fan” of babies, possibly because they put a cramp in her hard-rocking lifestyle. So now we know that season two could potentially have two feuds—Jane’s dad versus the pop star, and …

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