Newswire: Kermit the Frog’s longtime puppeteer has left The Muppets

As much as we’d hate-watch an I’m Dying Up Here-style dramedy about the sex-and-drug-fueled behind-the-scenes antics of puppeteers at a Hensonesque studio in the ‘70s (Note to networks: please do not actually do this), it’s probably better not to dig too deeply into the actual backstage politics at the actual Jim Henson Company, so as to maintain a sense of innocence about something. All that is an admittedly long-winded way to apologize for the fact that we don’t know why Steve Whitmire, who has performed as Kermit The Frog both as a puppeteer and as a voice actor since Jim Henson’s death in 1990, has pulled out (sorry) from his role as the iconic character. We simply know that he has.

This news comes courtesy of the Muppets fan site ToughPigs, which says that, after noticing a few suspicious changes in recent Muppets videos …

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