Newswire: Kenny Rogers says he’s quitting the music business

Kenny Rogers says it’s finally time for him to fold ‘em. The 77-year-old country legend says he’ll retire from the music business following one final upcoming tour. Rogers told the Today show that, though he has a new Christmas album coming out, his heart’s just not in it anymore, and that he wants to spend more time with his family. In a statement, Rogers said that while he’s had “an incredible career,” he thinks “there’s a fine line between being selfish and being driven,” and that he “crossed that line a lot when [he] was younger.” With two tween sons at home, Rogers says he’s interested in being “as much of an influence on them as my mother and father were on me, because that’s what parents are for.”

Tour dates for Rogers’ final romp haven’t been announced yet, but his publicist …

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