Newswire: Ken Marino to sail in for a Fresh Off The Boat guest spot

ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat returned for its second season this week, and The Wrap reports that Ken Marino will have a guest spot on an upcoming episode of the endearing family sitcom. Marino is set to play Gus, a well-groomed co-host of the local morning news show Good Morning, Orlando!. Gus meets Louis (Randall Park) at the Huang family restaurant, and when Louis charms him with an array of celebrity impressions, Gus invites him to be on the morning talk show—something we have a feeling Jessica (Constance Wu, easily the best part of this show) would not approve of.

Marino’s just one of those guys who shows up on basically every comedy ever, having gotten his state as part of The State. He’s been in Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp, Burning Love, Marry Me, and the recently renewed Childrens Hospital. Oh, and …

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