Newswire: Ken Burns delivers anti-Trump speech not set to montage of still images

This past weekend, Ken Burns, the renowned documentarian and creator of such acclaimed works as The Civil War, Jazz, and The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, offered up a new meditation on the relation of the country’s past to its future. However, unlike his past productions, this involved nothing more than the man himself, standing in front of a microphone, delivering a speech—an exceptionally boring visual frame that forced his audience to instead listen to his words. In other words, the filmmaker delivered the commencement speech for Stanford’s 2016 graduation ceremony, and used the occasion to give a strongly worded critique of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Oddly, he did so without gently stirring music playing in the background.

While it may sound like a serious occasion upon which to deliver such remarks, a quick viewing of Stanford’s YouTube video of the event shows the …

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