Newswire: Kellan Lutz tries on He-Man’s fuzzy britches for Masters Of The Universe reboot

The universe is expanding, if science is to be believed, and that growth simply cannot go unchecked. Which is presumably why Hollywood needs another He-Man, and it needs him now (or about nine years ago, when the idea was bandied about with renewed vigor). Terminator Salvation’s McG was tapped to helm a Masters Of The Universe live-action reboot for Sony back in January, and he’s already looking for the next guardian of the power of Grayskull.

The weeks to come will undoubtedly see a bevy of muscle-bound actors step into Prince Adam’s leotard-and-tights combo in the hopes of battling another brawny guy (who demurely covers his Speedo with some kind of loincloth) for mastery of the universe. But first up is Kellan Lutz, of the Twilight franchise and the 30 Rock Lutzes. The Legend Of Hercules actor tweeted about his recent meeting with McG and Mary Viola …

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