Newswire: Keep your shirts on, there’s going to be a Magic Mike 3—on Broadway

Ever since Steven Soderbergh’s interest in the franchise petered out, Channing Tatum has been the keeper of the Magic Mike flame. The actor, who says he’s ready for some downtime, i.e., directing, led the charge of the sexy brigade in Magic Mike XXL, which gave the world a shirtless, crooning Donald Glover to go with all the oiled-up gyrating. The sequel also represented a turning point for the franchise, in which the female gaze became the entry point-of-view. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Tatum’s preparing to flesh out the theme with two ersatz sequels.

We learned about the Magic Mike Live show in Las Vegas back in May, which has been crowdsourcing new definitions of sexy. Matthew McConaughey hasn’t (yet) been asked to undulate to some KISS music, but Tatum is set to direct the all-male revue with his Magic Mike choreographer Alison Faulk …

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