Newswire: Keegan-Michael Key gets his Whiplash on in the new Bhi Bhiman video

In retrospect, having Keegan-Michael Key portray J.K. Simmons’ sadistic music teacher from Whiplash is an obvious choice, and not just because of their respective follicle counts. Key also excels at playing slightly unhinged loudmouths, and that’s just what he does in Bhi Bhiman’s new video for the song “Moving To Brussels.” Key harangues, heckles, and generally torments the Sri Lankan folk rocker throughout the track; no cymbals get thrown, but Bhiman is on the receiving end of an upsetting amount of saliva. Plus, we would be remiss in not pointing out Key’s most exacting demand of the guitarist: “Play all of the woodwinds from the middle of the tragedy after Luke Skywalker’s aunt and uncle have been killed on Tatooine.” Not the part with the Jawas—anyone can play that.

The video premiered on Adult Swim at 3 a.m. this past weekend, but we …

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