Newswire: Kathryn Morris and Adrian Pasdar are headed to USA’s Colony

Carlton’s Cuse’s upcoming USA drama Colony has added Adrian Pasdar and Kathryn Morris to its cast as recurring characters. Set in a slightly futuristic Los Angeles that has been overtaken by an occupational government, Colony stars Lost‘s Josh Holloway—reuniting with Lost co-showrunner Cuse—as a “former FBI agent who is forced to collaborate with the occupying government to fight the growing resistance movement in the city.” Sarah Wayne Callies stars as his wife, Katie.

Pasdar and Morris have joined as a married power couple, with Pasdar playing Nolan, a key political player in the occupation of Los Angeles. Morris will play Charlotte, the cultural director and patrician of the Green Zone, the wealthy part of occupied Los Angeles. Did we mention Los Angeles is occupied? Because that’s all we really know about this show outside of its characters. Leave it to a Lost creative to …

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