Newswire: Katey Sagal to play another admirable TV mom on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

In what’s got to be a nice change of pace for her, Katey Sagal has signed on to play a lawman’s mother on Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. According to TVLine, Sagal has just been cast as Karen Peralta, mother of Jake (Andy Samberg). Fox hasn’t revealed much about the woman who raised Jake, other than that she did so single-handedly after his father (Bradley Whitford) walked out on them when Jake was seven. It’s probably a given that she was a stern parent, but what’s her policy on tattoos and drug-running? Oh, and murder?

Sagal’s character is scheduled to appear in an early 2016 episode for a family reunion with Jake and his dad, Captain Roger Peralta. Sagal has portrayed two memorable TV moms, Peg Bundy and Gemma Teller, but her previous fictional progeny weren’t really the kind of kids you’d brag …

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