Newswire: Karen Gillan rounds out lead cast of The Circle

And The Circle gets the square—we mean, Karen Gillan: Deadline reports the Guardians Of The Galaxy actress has signed on for the latest film adaptation of a Dave Eggers’ novel. Gillan rounds out a cast that includes Tom Hanks (of course), Emma Watson, and John Boyega. The End Of The Tour‘s James Ponsoldt is writing and directing the film with Hanks set to produce.

Gillan will play Annie, “a warm, cute, goofy, old-money confident and fiercely intelligent member of The Circle.” Annie sounds like the kind of person Amy Pond would have been leery of in Gillan’s Doctor Who days, but in the book she’s Mae Holland’s (Watson) best friend and roommate. Annie draws Mae into The Circle, which is kind of a combination of Facebook, Paypal, and Hydra. The Circle eventually drives a wedge between the two friends, which could be why Mae turns …

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