Newswire: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote a novel about Sherlock Holmes’ brother

That’s the kind of headline that doesn’t require a jokey follow-up. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar—basketball legend, master of the skyhook, kung-fu brawler—has written a novel about Sherlock Holmes’ older brother Mycroft. We won’t get hyperbolic and say this is the coolest news ever, but it has to be, right? Even if the book doesn’t turn out to be any good, we got to write that headline, and you got to read that headline. We consider that a success.

Anyway, this comes from The New York Times’ Arts Beat, which says the novel—simply titled Mycroft Holmes—is being published by Titan Books and will be in stores this fall. Abdul-Jabbar co-wrote it with On The Shoulders Of Giants writer Anna Waterhouse, and the plot reportedly revolves around Mycroft visiting Trinidad as a recent university graduate. He’s tasked with solving a series of “mysterious disappearances” that …

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