Newswire: Kanye West says The Life Of Pablo is now a Tidal exclusive

Well, it appears as though we spoke too soon when we said The Life Of Pablo is finally free of Kanye West’s endless tinkering” over the weekend, because in the last couple of days West has returned to his lab for even more tinkering. Originally, he had simply—and mysteriously—pulled The Life Of Pablo from his official website, replacing it with a recorded message from Yasiin Bey. The album was still streaming on Tidal, but the story going around was that Kanye was still polishing up one of the tracks and would re-release it later.

Today, though, West suggested that The Life Of Pablo is going to remain a Tidal exclusive forever, tweeting that it “will never never never be on Apple,” that “it will never be for sale,” and that “you can only get it on Tidal.” Then, he offered a passionate plea for all of his …

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