Newswire: Kanye West forced to awkwardly float over crowd after canceling concert mid-show

Kanye West’s current Saint Pablo Tour has been less notable for the music—great as it’s been—than for the method by which he’s been delivering it: a floating stage, suspended from the ceiling of various arenas, serving as both West’s musical throne, and an occasional irresistible temptation for would-be stage-crashers to hang off of. Last night, though, West’s dramatic presentation revealed one of its major downsides, after the rapper cut short a concert in Inglewood over concerns about the quality of his voice. Promising to “do better next time,” West ordered that the music be cut, and was then forced to slowly float his way out of the venue, hovering above a packed crowd of fans chanting for him to return.

Kanye ended his show early tonight 😳😒

— Carter Reynolds (@carterreynolds) November 4, 2016

It was kind of awkward.

[via Vulture]

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