Newswire: Kanye West dreams of a wordless world where he’s famous for his emoji use

Kanye West is famous for saying stuff. He says stuff as a rapper, he says stuff when he’s discussing whether or not George Bush cares about black people, he says stuff when he’s endorsing Donald Trump, and he says stuff when he’s ranting against Beyoncé and Jay Z in the middle of a performance. It even seems like he says stuff when he literally doesn’t say anything, like when he canceled the remaining dates of his Saint Pablo Tour this morning. Kanye West is certainly aware of his propensity for saying stuff, and he’s also aware that people have been getting a little annoyed by the stuff he says lately, so he has started to dream of a world where nobody says anything and everybody is happy.

West explained his utopic vision in an interview with Surface (via Uproxx), first by noting that he hates …

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